Mitsubishi Jeep J59

Built in 1989, this is a Japanese import registered in the UK in 2002.

  • Front free wheeling hubs.
  • Selectable 4wd with high-low box.
  • 1995cc straight 4 petrol engine (Mitsubisi Astron-Series G52B)
  • Horsepower gross: 73.5 kW / 100 PS / 99 hp (JIS) Torque gross: 162 Nm / 119 ft-lb

The J-Series Mitsubishi Jeeps design was licensed design of the Willys Jeep CJ3B This is not to be confused with the license built Mahindra of India versions, the Mitsubishi version benefits form the reliable build quality of Japanese cars of its time. Mitsubishi's version were built from 1953 until 1998. In total, approximately 200,000 units were built in this 45-year period.

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